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The gown - everything you should know

Description of the gown:

Our product is a pregnancy gown, but at the same time also Da delivery and nursing nightgown. It was designed during the unique Projekt “9M” Project, in consultation with pregnant women and medical specialists. Thanks to an the attention paid to all the details, it is s a practical, worthy of recommendation and durable product.

The gown provides comfort and safety in childbirth, and facilitates the tests before and during the labour. In During the postpartum, it improves breastfeeding comfort and helps to keep hygiene. The gown is designed to provide freedom of movement during the preparation and child delivery. With iIts unique front having, with snaps on the entire length, allows the mother can to hug the child directly to her skin and body.

Hug Your child and welcome each other

More information:

Ecological cotton jersey with::
Safe for child and friendly for human
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Snaps, threads and insets

Positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child
No. OP-4352, valid until 15.04.2020r.

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